BioSci Antimicrobial Mask

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BioSci Antimicrobial Mask 20 pcs


1) Featuring Patented Antimicrobial Technology by Silverloy
2) Physical Ag antibacterial cloth kills 99.99% of bacteria
3) Dust protection PM 2.5
4) Eliminate odor
5) High permeability, comfortable & long lasting, soft material
6) Special design 3D mask allows users to have more space to breath
7) 4-ply mask, with ear loop, non woven
8) Reusable but not for more than 7 days
9) 20 pieces per box


The Surgical Filter Mask applies Silverloy's patented technology of physical Ag antibacterial, which can help to effectively kill bacteria and block air pollution particles.

The second layer is the Silverloy physical Ag antibacterial non-woven cloth and together with a blocking layer, the mask not only can kill bacteria but also prevent bacteria from entering the body and breeding on the mask.

The surgical filter mask contains 4 layers of cloth, consisting of:
a) First layer: 3S melt-blown fabric
b) Second layer: Silverloy physical Ag antibacterial cloth
c) Third layer: non-woven cloth

Silverloy patented cross loop design is to liberate elastic damage to your ear which provide comfort to users all day long. Overall, the surgical filter mask is designed not only for extensive protection but also the comfort of wearing for long hours. Users are able to talk loudly even when wearing the mask.

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