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Suitable for people who concern:
~ Vascular health
~ Blood vessel calcification, lack of elasticity
~ Cholesterol and blood pressure


~ Eat less fried or roasted food, maintain a light diet
~ Involve an adequate amount of aerobic exercise step by step to strengthen cardiopulmonary function
~ Drink more water (2000 ml per day) to facilitate metabolism

Unsuitable for:

~ Dizziness, angina, heart burn, hyper-/hypotension, bleeding (please seek medical advice promptly)
~ Unexplained vascular problems (medical examination and treatment recommended)
~ Not suitable 2 weeks before/after any surgery

Possible outcomes:

~ Data from cholesterol and blood pressure test become normal gradually
~ There should be a monthly progressive recovery. Data from cholesterol and blood pressure test are good for reference

Warm reminders:

~ This product is a nutrition supplement which cannot replace medication
~ Not suitable for pregnant women, infants and young children
~ Stop using immediately in case of discomfort
~ For other health problems, please follow doctor's instructions

Duration of use:

~ Use on trial for 2 months. If there is nothing worth inspiring (no significant improvement), please stop using and seek medical advice promptly
~ Between 3 and 12 months, the recovery progress is monitored. For those whose recovery is optimized, suggest them talking half dosage regularly as a long term healthcare.


~ To be taken every morning and night, before or after meal. Dissolve 1 spoon in ~250 ml of warm water.

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