Scientist Home Group

Our focus is on the research and development, and distribution of supplement and topical application made of natural ingredients.  

We have also ventured into advanced medical devices for tumor ablation, personal hygiene and PPE.

Functionality, Safety, Niche, Science Evidence-Based.

Our house brands are Scientist Home, BioSci and Silverloy.

Supplement, Topical Application
Rehabilitation Clinic, Specialized Supplement
Health Food, Supplement

NanoKnife Treatment System
Irreversible Electroporation Technology (IRE)

Personal Hygiene Product Made With Patented Antimicrobial Technology


Extensive research and development of innovative rehabilitation for identified conditions involving consultants from Germany and USA.

  • BioSci has been granted the exclusive rights in the application and development of the above research results.

  • Capitalizing on the strength and R&D capability of Scientist Home and BioSci, our mission is to develop sustainable rehabilitation for degenerative diseases.

  • Our aim is to provide sustainable rehabilitation for the aging population with encouraging recovery in the next 30 years.

Vision & Mission

Medical Devices

Work closely with experts specializing in high technology medical devices for tumor treatment, and introducing them to China, Hong Kong and SEA countries as promising alternatives.

NanoKnife represents the Irreversible Electroporation Technology (IRE), the ideal surgical ablation of soft tissue tumors for 21st century. IRE is approved by FDA & CE, and widely used by surgeons in Asia, Europe and USA. In 2012, we formed a joint venture with Acton Group in GuangZhou to introduce the tumor ablation technology to university teaching hospitals. Learn more about NanoKnife.

Formed a joint venture with Shanghai Jiaotong University’s wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong in 2009, to introduce the tumor treatment technology.


Rehabilitation Advancement

Scientist Home has had more than 10 years of research foundation of evidence-based rehabilitation. Based on the latest research results, we have successfully developed quality supplement and topical application. Our supplement is classified as health food in Hong Kong.

Various health issues have been resolved academically with the assistance rendered by our Germany and USA counterparts.


The role of calcification in degenerative condition (in relation to bone spur, calcified tissue and the softening effect)

Can disability caused by joint degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis regain mobility and be physically active again …


Metabolic disorder caused by glycosylation, inflammation and calcification (in relation to severe diabetic complications)

Can legs be protected without amputation …


Oxidative stress and the formation of fibrosis and scar mechanism (in relation to hysteromyoma or uterine fibroids, pulmonary fibrosis, etc)

Can uterine fibroids condition conceive …

Can fibrosis in liver, lung and kidney recover …


Hyperuricemia, the formation of urate crystals and disability (in relation to severe gouty arthritis)

Can deformed and disabled joints be reversed …


Accumulation of beta-amyloid peptide and dopamine disruption (in relation to degenerative brain cells)

Can Parkinson or Alzheimer conditions regain independence …


Heavy metal accumulation, nerve damage and cell aberrations (in relation to immune diseases)

Can systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), psoriasis and eczema conditions be improved …