NanoKnife System

Ideal Ablation Technology For 21st Century

NanoKnife System can be an alternative option for health conditions where operational procedure is not suitable. 

FDA & CE Approved

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NanoKnife System


  • Non-thermal

  • No heat sink effect

  • Preserve critical structures

  • Rapid lesion resolution

  • CT/US image-guided

  • Minimal complications

Consult your surgeon doctor if NanoKnife is a viable procedure for any identified tumor and/or cancer.

Sharing by Japanese patient diagnosed with pancreas cancer
(in Japanese and Cantonese).

The Science Behind The NanoKnife System

What Is NanoKnife Irreversible Electroporation Technology (IRE)?

Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) is a technique using a non-thermal energy to create permanent nanopores in the cell membrane to disrupt cellular homeostasis. The disruption of cellular homeostasis initiates an apoptotic-like effect which leads to permanent cell death. After delivering a sufficient number of high voltage pulses, the cells within the electrical field will be irreversibly damaged.

Medical Partners For NanoKnife System

NanoKnife System is available at hospitals in China and Hong Kong.

We work closely with hospitals at home and abroad together with doctors of various medical specialties to provide advanced medical options and arrangements for patients in need.


  • Beijing 301, Beijing Ruijin Hospital
  • Beijing Union Medical College Hospital
  • Fudan University Cancer Hospital
  • Cancer Prevention And Treatment Center of Sun Yat Sen University
  • The First Affiliated Hospital Of Sun Yat Sen University
  • The Second Affiliated Hospital Of Sun Yat Sen University

Hong Kong

  • Prince Of Wales Hospital
  • French Hospital
  • Baptist Hospital