Anti-Bacterial Bandage Combo

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Anti-Bacterial Bandage Combo 50 pcs [30% Off]


  1. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation
  2. Effectively inhibit the invasion of bacteria to the wound
  3. Accelerate wound healing
  4. High permeability, breathable, waterproof
  5. Comprehensive protection for wound
  6. Chemical free
  7. 10 packs per box
  8. 1 pack contains 1 large & 4 standard size bandages


The bandage is made with Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietary which can effectively restrain bacteria from breeding on the wound and lower the chance of inflammation and thus, enhance healing process.

Silver micro anti-bacterial layer is integrated into the 2nd layer of the bandage. The first layer is made of breathable and waterproof materials. We utilize physical SMP technology in the bandage which can help to stop bleeding quickly and lower the chance of scar formation.

a) Standard: 20 mm x 72 mm
b) Large: 50 mm x 75 mm

Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietaries have been certified by various international testing agencies, and are absolutely safe and reliable.

Incorporating Silverloy's patented physical Ag antibacterial technology, the bandage provides the most comprehensive protection for your wound healing.

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