Anti-Bacterial Insole ~ Arch For Ladies

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Anti-Bacterial Insole ~ Arch For Ladies [30% Off]


  1. Anti-bacterial, prevent foot disease & lessen odor
  2. Support arch & heel
  3. Shockproof, made with shock absorption material
  4. Specially for long hours of standing or walking
  5. Non-slip, comfortable, breathable, durable
  6. High quality PU cotton, light & soft
  7. Adjustable size
  8. 1 pair per pack


The insole is made with Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietary which can effectively inhibit foot bacteria, prevent odor due to bacteria growth or sweat and hence, foot disease. What's more, the insole materials are of good air permeability and high flexibility.

Specially designed according to the curvature of the foot, the insole supports your arch and heel and specially designed to provide comfort for long hours of standing or walking.

The silver micro anti-bacterial layer is integrated into the 2nd layer of the insole. Made with high quality PU cotton plus light and soft materials, the insole is designed to fit your feet's shape well.

Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietaries have been certified by various international testing agencies, and are absolutely safe and reliable.
Incorporating Silverloy's patented physical Ag anti-bacterial technology, the insole provides optimum protection and comfort for your feet.
Standard size: 36-40; you may cut into smaller size to fit your feet.

Resizing of Insole

Step 1: What You Need
A pair of old insoles, marking pen and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Align the Insoles

Put the old insole on top of the new insole. Align the back of the heel and the arch as best you can.

Step 3: Draw Line
Use a marking pen to draw line base on the old insole shape and size.

Step 4: Cut the New Insole
Now, cut your new insole based on the line drawn.

Step 5: Insert the New Insole
Put the new insole into the shoe and smoothen it, and the insole should fit perfectly.

Step 6: Enjoy!
Enjoy your new comfortable walking experience.

Packing size: 28x11x4 cm

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