Anti-Bacterial Pantyliner

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Anti-Bacterial Pantyliner 25 pcs [30% Off]


  1. Stay dry & comfortable: high permeability & breathable
  2. Prevent leakage: strong liquid absorption
  3. No bacteria & reduce odor: resist bacteria from breeding
  4. Skin-friendly surface: very soft & hydrophobic materials
  5. No fluorescent whitening agent & chemical
  6. Stickers can hold tight onto your underwear
  7. Length: 15.5 cm
  8. 25 pieces per pack


The panty liner is made with Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietary which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the pad and reduce the generation of peculiar smell. Anti-bacteria effect helps to reduce inflammation and thus, gynecological issues.

The silver micro anti-bacterial layer is integrated into the 2nd layer of the pad. The surface is skin friendly fabric which is specially developed with fine, soft and hydrophobic materials. The 3rd layer is made of strong liquid absorption material from Japan. The bottom layer has high-permeability, adopts a very micro porous breathable film to keep dry and comfortable.

Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietaries have been certified by various international testing agencies, and are absolutely safe and reliable.

Incorporating Silverloy's patented physical Ag anti-bacterial technology, the panty liner cares for women's health, reduce inflammation and provide the most intimate protection for women.

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