Anti-Bacterial Skincare Mask

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Anti-Bacterial Skincare Mask 5 pcs [30% Off]


  1. Anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial, anti-acne
  2. Chamomile essential oil provides nourishment
  3. Hydrates & revitalizes dry, rough skin
  4. Improves skin elasticity to give you a baby-soft touch
  5. Blemish killer
  6. Lower the chance of getting inflammation
  7. Enhance wound healing
  8. Natural ingredients, no chemical
  9. Suitable for all skin types including allergic & acne prone skin
  10. 5 pieces per box


Silver micro-sterilizing proprietary helps to inhibit bacterial invasion and reduce inflammation; hence, an effective solution for acne condition and enhance wound healing.

The skincare mask contains chamomile essence, which provides nourishment needed by your skin and helps to replenish hydration.

Silverloy's anti-bacterial proprietaries have been certified by various international testing agencies, and are absolutely safe and reliable.

The skincare mask incorporates Silverloy's patented physical Ag anti-bacterial technology. Not only resisting bacteria but also helps in revitalizing your skin and let you feel and look clean, fresh and energized!

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